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2017 screen enclousres trends

Trends are not only for fashion, clothing and models, screen enclosures have them, too! When you hear the word “trend” you might automatically think of decor, or design, but with each year, new trends arise with the latest gadgets and accessories for screen enclosures and we have the inside scoop on this year’s products. Here is what is trending in 2017 for outdoor patios and lanais:

Wide View Screens

Do you have a beautiful view that you’d like unobstructed by that cage type of screen enclosure look? 2017 has brought us many requests for the wide view picture window that does just that, allows customers to see a clear view of their natural surrounding or landscapes. Picture windows can span 30 feet wide and be slightly taller than 10 feet. They can be built from scratch on new enclosures, or built into existing ones. Either way, it allows for a unique and beautiful view of your backyard.

2604 Powder Coat

With technological advancements, most things are getting bigger, stronger and better, even the aluminum that is used for screen enclosures. Some contractors are now offering screen enclosures with what is known as 2604 powder coatings that are formulated with super durable and modified polyester resins that provide a finish that has great coloring and retains its gloss for approximately 10 years. Due to the harsher weather environments of Florida with its intense sunlight and high levels of humidity, 2604 Powder Coat has become extremely popular in this region.  Compare this with the epoxy paint, which is used on 99% of pool enclosures, and quickly fades and turns green.  It is not a pretty site, and while it may save a few pennies down the road, for the long term home owner, epoxy paint is not the way to go.  Screen Enclosures that were finished with an epoxy paint usually need repainting after just a few years. Check with your contractor to see what they are using!

Landscaping Inside of the enclosure

More and more screen enclosures are getting landscaping within them.

This year It’s becoming more and more common to transform the pool cage into a tropical paradise by adding inside landscaping. While some homeowners are doing it for a bit of privacy, others are adding plants and greenery for the sheer look and feel of a rainforest or jungle. Suggested plants for this project include: Bird of Paradise, Robellini Palms, Pentas, Mona Lavender, any variety of Cordyline and Crotons, lantana and shrimp plant standards, as well as Hibiscus and Duranta standards, and Schefflera are beautiful for color, too.  Sometimes the landscaping is done by the pool company complete with concrete rocks as you see on the image to the right.  Other times, an opening in the concrete, left by the screen enclosure contractor is done for you to plant in.   If you have shade from the screen enclosure, take shade tolerant plants into consideration such as philodendron, peace lily, and ginger. Beware of messy or flowering plants, or small leaved plants that shed often, you don’t want to be picking them up all the time.

Placing a Dog Run Inside Your Screen Enclosure

People do a lot for the love of their pets. So much so, that they will design an entire screen enclosure with a dog run for their furry pet to have that extra grass to run and play on inside a secured, screened in area. This is becoming more and more popular, and is a trend that should be mentioned as up and coming in 2017 as it’s definitely a great idea!

Motorized Roll Up Screens


This is by far the coolest trend to date in the industry! Again we can think the advancements of technology for this one. People can now choose to install motorized roll up screens, and instantly create an outdoor screen enclosure with the click of a button! Feel like having dinner outdoors? Click. Feel like relaxing with a glass of wine under the moonlight in a bug free, breezy environment? Click again. Is it a hot summer day, with harmful UV Rays to block? Click. This allows any home to utilized their outdoor living space more often and more effectively.

Pergola Style Patios (Made With Aluminum)

Pergola style patios have been popular for many years now, and are beautiful, open freestanding structure usually situated in the back yard area of many people’s homes. Recently, homeowners have begun enclosing them in screen for a more relaxed, bug and critter free experience, allowing for even more usages and time spent outdoors. The structure still keeps its unique design and structure, but presents a more useful experience.

Better than wood!  Would grain finish aluminum was recently introduced which allows a wood style pergola to be built out of aluminum, complete with all the benefits of aluminum, such as no drying, cracking, rotting, or termites.  This material is very new, and not all contractors or engineers may be familiar with it.  As always feel free to contact us to see if we have a pre-vetted contractor in your area.

Owning a screen enclosure no longer means a you must settle for a simple patio cage. You have so many options to choose from. 2017 has brought us an abundance of choices and ideas to utilize and create the perfect structure that suits your family’s needs.

Kenneth Wilson
July 4, 2017

Kenneth Wilson

I can build it, and I can help you get the patio enclosure you want! I got my start in the Florida patio industry back in the 70s as a young general laborer looking for something to make a few bucks. At the time I never thought it would end up as my career. Over the years I grew beyond the laborer position, becoming a foreman, superintendent, and then into executive management for some of the largest patio contractors, and material vendors. Now into retirement and slightly bored, I offer consulting services to new and existing contractors, and publish this website to help the people who love their patio's and screen enclosures the most - YOU!

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